Mink Eyelashes 2


Real Mink Eyelashes $30.00

Real Mink Eyelashes for Dancesport Competition or Showcase

Make Your Appearance Unforgettable with Real Mink Eyelashes the Best eyelashes to complete Your Desired Look!

They are Great for Your Next Dancesport Competition, Showcase Performance or just a Night Out on the town.

These eyelashes will add Immediate Fullness and Dramatic Captivating Intensity to Your Desired Look!

Our Mink Eyelashes are made of 100% sterilized real mink fur. It is very easy to apply, suitable for all eye shapes and can last up to four weeks with proper care.

Think of Mink Eyelashes to finish your make up and complete the the impression given by your dance dress and hair. By using Mink Lashes you don’t have to use mascara they will give you a dramatic and finished look.

Mink lashes come in different length and thickness to fit your facial structure and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

100% Handmade Mink lashes is a great investment for your dancing needs. They are much lighter and have more flexibility than false lashes. You can wear them up to 15-20 times if properly cared for.