November 16, 2016

Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses

All You Need To Know About Finding The Ideal Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses

As can well be imagined, preparing for a dance competition is more complicated and requires more effort than getting ready for a “night out on the town”. These preparations require the dancer to have their makeup done and obtain a specific dance dress. The type and quality of the dance costume are particularly important when considering dance competitions.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible for ballroom dance contestants to compete in the average formal or evening dress found at a local retailer.

The fact is that special dresses and shoes are necessary for the individual to move across the floor with ease and comfort.  A typical evening gown does not provide this ease and comfort. It is essential that dancers seek out specific dancing apparel for their dancesport competitions.  A professional ballroom dress designer can educate you on the importance of matching colors with intentions and physical attributions. Not only is the look of elegance important, but also the structure of the dress. It is important that the dress moves with the dancer and not the other way around. This article will provide some information on the factors to consider when looking for a luxury designer ballroom dance dress. This is an important investment because a quality dress will last for many years.

Finding Dance Dresses That Are Not Constricting or Inhibiting

The basic difference between an evening gown and luxury designer ballroom dance dresses is that the dance dress has the proper materials to withstand and move with a passionate dance routine.  This means the dance dress is tight where it needs to be tight and loose where it needs to be loose.

latin rhythm designer dress

Latin Rhythm Dress Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses

Evening gowns are typically designed to be worn to events with friends and family to have a nice meal and good conversations.  Of course, some dancing is possible when wearing an evening gown; however, the dancing is nowhere near as dramatic and passionate as ballroom dancing.

A ballroom dance dress is created to allow for free and unrestricted movement promoting confidence in the dancer. After so much practice in your dance routines, the last thing you want is to be inhibited by your dress. The perfect ballroom competition dress should fit like a glove.

A professional dance dress designer uses a very specific measurement chart to guarantee you a perfect fit. The fabrics are stretchy where movement is necessary and flows nice and lightly spins and turns.

Suiting The Theme And Body Type

One aspect that needs to be taken into account when searching for the ideal luxury designer ballroom dance dresses is the design of the dress.  Evening dresses tend to be created in a generic style supplied as a mass manufactured item. This will not always be suited to the dancer’s body shape or dance routine.  Locating a dress to meet the dancer’s body shape is essential as it allows for less constricting movement during dancing and a better fit of the overall gown.  This typically requires customized tailoring for each individual body type and skin tone.  It is important to remember, however, that high quality dance dresses are costly but they are great long-term investments.  The better suited the dress is to the dancer, the greater the chance of the dancer winning a competition.

Not All Dress Designers are Equally Good

It is important to consider that not all designers are good or create with quality products.  Some dress designers buy manufactured products and sell them as their own creation. One one instance, dance dress designer Zhanna Kens said, “I continually find my dress designs stolen online and sold for under $500. They are mass produced in China. They even copy the original pictures off of my website that I took.”

A good indicator of the quality of the dress is the price. You simply get what you pay for. A good custom hand made dance dress order starts at around $1,000 and goes up from there. It is important to realize that this is an investment in your passion and confidence.

Depending on how serious of a passion ballroom dancing is to you, you might even look into custom dance practice wear. This way, when you practice and learn your art, you will experience the same luxury as your future one of a kind ballroom gown.


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