What People Say About Us

Olivia Slusarek testimonial about zhanna kens dress
Olivia Slusarek

" ZHANNA! I love the dress!!!! It is positively beautiful! :) The colors looks perfect on my skin. The cut is very becoming and I love the flair you add to everything! Thank you do much! I couldn't have asked for a better dress, you are truly the best! Thanks again! Olivia"

Ava Lange testimonial
M'Leigha Lange

" Zhanna, I can't believe the dress came today! It is so beautiful!! Ava said she is never taking it off!! It fits like it was made for her! ;) thank you again! Sincerely, M'Leigha"

Elise Romola

" Hi Zhanna, We received the dress-it is GORGEOUS!!!!! Elise loves it! You are right, it is very rich, but also "fun"and "happy" looking. It's perfect for her. I see what you mean about the antique gold pieces, they really make the dress "pop". And she likes the flowers, and of course loves the skirt. I've attached a couple of pictures I took quickly when she tried it on. But I will try to take some in skates on the ice this weekend. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! Ellen "

Madalyn bell testimonial
Madalyn Bell

"Madalyn's costume was magnificent; everyone gave us great compliments! Dana S. Bell"

Alexandria Loy testimonial
Bonnie Loy

"Hi Zhanna, Your tunic creation was a hit with the director, she loved it! Thanks again, Bonnie Loy"

joan davis testimonial
Joan Davis

"I am absolutely delighted with my custom designs by Zhanna Kens! They are spectacular and such a joy to dance in! Thank you Zhanna for your expert visions as you created the dancewear of my dreams!!! ❤️"

Dewana Little Executive Director Miss Louisiana
Dewana Little

"Hello Zhanna, Hope had the best looking dance costume on the Miss America stage!!! It was absolutely gorgeous and definitely the talk of Las Vegas.  We had several states asking who our costume designer was and of course we shared your information.  Hope loved her costume and it was so beautiful on her and fit her dance perfect.  Would not change one thing if we had the opportunity to do so. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your beautiful creation and working with us on Hope’s costume as it is just one of a kind and again, the prettiest costume on the Miss America stage. We look forward to working with you and promoting your designs.  I have enjoyed seeing your gown designs also as they are awesome! Take care.

Dewana Little,

Executive Director Miss Louisiana Scholarship Organization"

Miss Louisiana 2012, Lauren Vizza
Lauren Vizza Miss Louisiana 2012

"Working with Zhanna was a dream! She understands everything about creating a garment for performance...the lighting, flow, comfort, sex appeal...she knows it all! I have had other custom pieces done but none of them fit as perfectly as this costume! The quality of the materials and stones used ensured that my garment was the best of the best! Plus, she is an incredible supporter and so encouraging!"

Julianne Tippen testimonial
Julianne Tippen

"I had a blast at Miss Louisiana, and I got sooo many compliments on my costume!"

Julianne Tippen

Miss LA Tech University 2013, Miss Shreveport 2014

Sharon Scalise

"Zhanna Ken's is a Fantastic Fashion & Dancewear Designer! She has Created several Stunning Gala & Formal Evening Wear Outfits for Me! Including a Fabulous Gatsby Inspired Beaded & Stoned Outfit that is Sensational! And an 'Out Of This World' Sequin & Hand Pearled Outfit that was Beyond Belief! Every Gala Outfit Made My Figure & Me Look Absolutely Beyond My Best & Fit Me to Perfection!! Zhanna Has Great Energy & Enthusiasm, She Listened to My Wishes & Worked with Me to help Me have looks that were Everything I could Dream! Zhanna was a Pleasure to deal with & Always Delivered On Time, I Highly Recommend Her!"

Hui Lin testimonials
Hui Lin Lim

"I had the pleasure of working with Zhanna to design my first custom made ballroom dance costume. Upon identifying my style, needs, and features of the dress, Zhanna designed an exquisite, classy, beautiful and romantic ballroom dress that enhanced my dancing at my competitions. I have had so many compliments of my dress on the dance floor. Zhanna's designs are one of a kind. I highly recommend her as a custom dress designer! Zhanna, thank you for designing this amazing dress for me! The dress you made for me flowed very well on the dance floor. It was so light that I was able to move well on the dance floor. The swirls from the skirt made every turn so complete and beautiful. I felt confident and beautiful in the dress. It was so comfortable that I didn't want to take it off after I was done with my dances! I highly recommend you to any ballroom dancers who are looking for dresses that are one of a kind! It was a great and positive experience working with you. You listened to my needs, provided great suggestions, and came up with a romantic design that exceeded my expectations. Your design speaks volume of the elegance and exquisite taste that you possess. Thank you again for working with me! A very happy client, H.L. Lim"

Renata Suzuki testimonial
Renata Suzuki

"Dear Zhanna,   Your parcel has arrived. I am speechless! You packed it so beautifully with a birthday card and the earrings gift, and your letter, and the great postcards, I was oohing and ahhing on the sofa with my husband as we shared each new delight, saving the moment for unzipping Bohemica….and then she blew us both away! What a dress, makes me feel like a mix between a Disney princess and a Hollywood diva without losing an inch of weight. It flatters all my curves in just the right ways, hugging over my stomach with the fabric flow, highlighting my neck and shoulders with the drape halter neck, the cutout round the hips and the glittering bust, everything is curvy and sexy without being lewd or uncouth, just glorious female body looking beautiful. This is a dress in a million. YES! You are a genius, knowing just what to do to make me feel and look great, bringing out the best in me, amplifying my confidence and happiness so I radiate my very own intrinsic beauty. Bohemica fits perfectly, like a glove, and glitters and shimmers and moves with me, like dancing in a vortex of a thousand sea spray stars – glorious. Thank you ever so much. I am truly blessed that you have made her for me."

Brianna Laxson
Brianna Laxson - "Beauty From The Deep"

"Thank you for the beautiful dress you have made me! “Beauty from the Deep” is lovely and my favorite dress. You created the perfect design from just listening to my music. I get many compliments about my beautiful dress! Wearing it is always something I look forward to, since I enjoy wearing it so much!"

Emma Oleck
Emma Oleck - "Scarlet Drama"

"Wow, here we go again with the start of a new season and a new "Zhanna" creation. I LOVE my dress, as always your interpretation of my music with the design of the dress is always amazing. Every dress you create for me reflects not just my program but my personality. EVERYONE adores this dress and it's stunning on the ice. I feel amazing wearing it and the creativity and uniqueness set's it a part from the others. Thank you once again for all your creativity, support and love that go into my competition dresses!"

Madison Vinci
Madison Vinci - "Sweet Romance"

"Thank you soooooo much for making my dress. I absolutely love it! It fits the music perfectly and the color looks amazing on the ice. I can't believe how well you were able to interpret the music and match my vision of the dress. I received countless compliments and I took the opportunity to give out a couple of your business cards . The dress makes me feel beautiful and I am always excited to wear it at competitions. I would definitely recommend you to other skaters."

Alyx McCarthey
Alyx McCarthey - "Avatar"

"Thank you so much for creating this amazing dress for me! I tried the dress out on the ice for the first time! It fits like a glove, the colors come to life, and it works and looks beautiful on the ice. My coach, Anna Martynenko, was stunned, she absolutely loves everything about it and admired the high level of craftsmanship :) The process was so smooth and the product turned out better than I ever could have imagined! I'm glad that I trusted you with the design because it turned out even more amazing than I thought possible! Everyone at the rink complimented your work and we will definitely be spreading the word about you."

Marilyn Landry
Marilyn Landry - "Bountiful Delight"

"Whiles I was wearing your creation, I danced in 15 dances. I places first in 11 and 2nd in 4!!! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to dance my best!!"

Cindi Schmitt
Dr. Cindi Schmitt

"Zhanna's design moved nicely with my movements and stayed put. It helped me make a statement during my dancing about how I view myself and interpret dance movements. I recommend her as a source for affordable quality and excellence in competition attire."

Inbal Simhayoff
Inbal Simhayoff - "Golden Cheetah"

Thank you so much for customizing this beautiful dress. The dress was amazing. and as for me I competed in 12 dances and I got six 1st places and six 2nd places and champ in salsa. I had tons of fun! Your service is amazing and I enjoyed working with you. The dress fit like a glove and looked amazing on stage. Can’t wait to get my next dress with you, thank you so much."

johanna wiles
Johanna Wiles

"Meeting Zhanna was an “Answered Prayer”. It was 2 weeks prior to my first EVER competition when I came across Zhanna’s website and found exactly what I was looking for! I have seen her work personally and it is beyond amazing! She is a very talented lady with a natural gift of designing the most beautiful dresses! I had the honor to wear one of her dresses for my Tango dance which looked amazing and definitely helped me win! I had a blast dancing and placed first and second in several dances. I felt like a star wearing Zhanna’s dresses."

Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross - "Delicate"

"You are such an amazing designer and the dress you created for me is absolutely stunning! I receive so many compliments every time I wear it. This dress is unique, comfortable and it really stands out! It gives me the confidence I need to perform and every time I skate with it I do so well. Anytime I need another program dress, you will be the person to make it!"

Tamar - "Greek Goddess"

"Lovely dress...I am really enjoying it and have gotten many compliments! Thank you!"

Carolyn Hill
Carolyn Hill - "Brilliant Elligance"

"My dress is absolutely gorgeous, and the fit is perfect. Your design, combined with your choice of fabric and stone work, resulted in a stunning product. I am very proud to wear it, and have received many compliments. You were so easy to work with. It is obvious to see that you take personal pride in all your designs. It will be my pleasure to work with you again in the future. "

Mimi - "Ocean Jewel"

"The gown fits perfectly! I am amazed that Zhanna designed it without even seeing me in person. The workmanship is superb and the gown is stunning. I have no doubt that this beautiful gown helped me win First Place in my First major competition."

Daniel aand Dalibor Vavra
Daniela and Dalibor Vavra

"Zhanna’s dresses are real masterpiece. They are beautiful, very well executed, and flow well with the body movement. Every time I wear Zhanna’s dress, I get many complements, and I feel like a real princess. Zhanna is not only very dedicated to her work, but she is also a wonderful person."

Joanne McCorkle
Joanne McCorkle - "Passion Flower"

"The competition for Dancing With Our Island Stars went great, I Won First Place in the competition and we scored a perfect 10 10 10 wearing the beautiful dress I purchased from you. It looked amazing on the stage and just beautiful in photos. You are an excellent artist! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful dress and I will definitively purchase from you again!"

Sabrina Fuchs
Sabrina Fuchs - "Coral Glow"

"I have my dress. Its here. Its so beautiful....thank you very much for everything. We did first place in Chile in American Open Rhythm.... I will send you the regards and big kiss!"

Taylor Elliott
Taylor Elliott - "Amazing Spring"

"Your creativity and detailed work is incredible! Amazing Spring fulfills its name and more. It is my pleasure to showcase your creation!"

megan kelly
Megan Kelly - "Brilliant Rose"

My experience working with Zhanna has been wonderful every step of the way. As soon as I spoke to her, I could sense immediately how much care as well as artistry Zhanna pts into each and every peice she designs. She guided me through the process, and helped me to choose a gorgeous color, and design that would flatter, as well as really make me stand out. I can hardly even describe how thrilled I was with the final product. When I looked at my dress for the first time, I was astounded by the quality, and the sheer beauty of my dress. Thank you so much Zhanna! "

Rachel McGuffin
Rachel McGuffin - "Electric Bouquet"

"Thank you so much for your support and your wonderful dress. I competed at the Volunteer State dance challenge in Nashville last week and had the privilege of wearing your dress. I danced in newcomer through intermediate bronze, along with the three dance event and the scholarship. I Placed First in all those events and received many compliments about the dress. Not only did it fit me perfectly but it looked amazing in pictures and on the floor. I can honestly say I didn't see any other dress of it's kind and I will definitively help promote your line of dresses any time."

cheryl cabral
Cheryl Cabral - "Metro Bliss"

"The dress was a big hit! It really showed well on the floor."

rhonda becker
Rhonda J. Becker - "Royal Blossom"

"I love my dress! The color is so vibrant and alive. The contrast of the flowers against the blue is amazing. Eddie Ares is one of our coaches and I told him I got a dress from you and he was saying the you were one of the best. "

Julia Eidelman
Julia Eidelman - "Starburst"

"I found out the next day that I was on the front page of The Nightly Planet wearing my new dress and it looks great. I got so many complements and everyone loved the design. Thank you so much Zhanna!!!"

Mariko Cantley
Mariko Cantley - "White Passion Kimono"

"The dress is beautiful and very comfortable and I received lots of compliments"

Julia Tse
Julia Tse - "Gipsy Rose"

"If beauty is in the eyes of the beholders, then my ball gown and my latin dress will rightfully be in the class of the beautiful dance dresses. Even strangers have come up to me to compliment how well they were made and how nice they looked on me dancing. They were made to order based on my own measurements. They fit the first time I put them on and never need one stitch of alteration. They gave me an added degree of confidence when I put them on for competitions. Thanks, Zhanna."

Jennifer Suzuki - "Bahama Joy"

"The dress is beautiful and it looked fabulous on the floor. I love the yellow pieces hanging in the skirt and the bra looks amazing."