Couture Latin Dance Dresses by Zhanna Kens

Couture Latin Dance Dresses by Zhanna Kens Latin relates to romance and beauty!  All things in Latin are romantic and hot, especially when it comes to Latin dances. They are very sensuous and appealing. And if you are looking for the best custom made dance dress that compliments your dance and style then you must […]

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I Am Happy With My New Custom Made Practice Dress from Zhanna Kens

I Am Happy With My New Custom Made Practice Dress from Zhanna Kens. Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of dancing very elegantly with a beautiful young man in a tuxedo, surrounded by elegance and watchful eyes. About five years ago I made that little girls dream a reality. I started by […]

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Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses

All You Need To Know About Finding The Ideal Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses As can well be imagined, preparing for a dance competition is more complicated and requires more effort than getting ready for a “night out on the town”. These preparations require the dancer to have their makeup done and obtain a specific dance […]

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Explore Your Ballroom Dancewear with Zhanna Kens

ballroom dresses by zhanna kens

Explore Your Ballroom Dancewear with Zhanna Kens We all love stylish attires, but ballroom dance professions demand ballroom dancewear with highest designing nuances so that the dancers wearing the same style of dance dresses stands out in the crowd. They say competition dancewear compliments one’s personality and the performance for sure. As a matter of fact there has been a wide brand pool for couture ballroom dresses and designer dance dresses alongside others from that in other words talks about the competing edge that you can have here. Unique Selling Proposition of purchasing your Dancewear from Zhanna Kens: Every product doesn’t appeal to everyone. It means every product has a set of customers. An example can illustrate this better. Let’s consider custom made ballroom dresses that appeal to the people who love going to ballroom dance with fine tuned luxury dance dresses that draw attention of the people easily and become a symbol of pride for them. The USP of dresses from Zhanna Kens are the following as you will find them for sure while deciding to go for it. Established brand with a huge brand pool: It’s an established brand with a huge brand pool. This means you are secured while you choose to go Zhanna Kens way and get value for your money. Large product portfolio:  The Company has a line of products befitting your requirements on special occasion such as custom made ballroom gowns for competition and Latin ballroom dresses for competition This puts you a step ahead in the competition for sure. Contemporary designs:  Contemporary dance designs with world class products make you feel special while wearing them on. Moreover the people with contemporary dance designs on their ballroom dancewear by default exuberate in confidence that adds a new dimension to their personality and appearance for sure. […]

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Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses For Sale

Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses For Sale it’s a must. Imagine being on the dance floor enjoying the moment and then realizing your dress is not comfortable. Is this the feeling a dancer craves? Take action and put your trust in a professional ballroom dress designer. You can start the process of ordering your very own perfectly fitted […]

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I love custom dance dresses by Zhanna Kens.

I love custom dance dresses by Zhanna Kens. My name is Cheryl and I love custom dance dresses by Zhanna Kens! Over the past few years, I have really learned to love competitive ballroom dancing. It has become my hobby and what keeps me sane! I travel to different ballroom dance competitions and although I am not a professional but I do take it very seriously. A few years back, I heard about Zhanna Kens competition ballroom dresses and I saw how beautiful and intricate her designs were. I saved up some money because as you know, it is not cheap to take up competitive dancing. I was used to buying prefabricated dresses and I found them to feel cheap and It was nearly impossible for me to find one the fit my body shape perfectly. I knew that I wanted to buy my first custom dance dress. At first I was a little uncertain about how much I wanted to invest in the dress but after considering that (other than my husband and young son) dancing is my passion. I talked to Zhanna and she told me everything I needed to hear and so I put my trust into her to make me something beautiful. I wanted a lot of Swarovski Crystals and something that I could wear for the next few years. And let me tell you, this was 3 years ago! The crystals have stayed on, It fit’s my body perfectly and I love it as much as the first day I tried it on.  Custom Dance Dress “Tango” My partner was so pleased with me because when I put the rhythm dress on, I feel so happy and free. I started winning more and more competitions and the experience honestly brought me deeper into my passion. It was well worth my investment. I would recommend anyone who feels that they can’t find a dance dress that fits perfectly or anyone who truly loves to dance to try Zhanna Kens custom ballroom dresses. I had no idea that I could feel so good on the dance floor!  

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Custom Made Ballroom Gowns and Latin Dance Dresses

Custom Made Ballroom Gowns and Latin Dance Dresses Dancing has once again risen to great popularity among professionals and casual dancers. For women, there is nothing quite as wonderful as donning Custom Made Ballroom Gowns and Latin Dance Dresses and taking to the floor whether or not is for dance competition. Dancing is physically demanding, making it an excellent form of exercise. When partnered with a good match, it can be romantic, and electrifying. If you’re just getting into ballroom dancing, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when you’re picking out your first gown. Ballroom competition dresses are necessary for those who dance as a part of a sport. Men will pick suits or other outfits that complement the woman’s dance dress, so it is necessary to coordinate colors and dress style with your partner. As a general rule, men will select complementary styles that make them look good while enhancing the beauty of their partner. Ladies should select their custom made ballroom gowns and Latin Dance Dresses based off of the type of dances that they’re planning on doing. Latin dance costume, for example, do not work well in a waltzing competition, which often requires custom made ballroom gown in order to remain competitive in terms of appearance. Unlike other sports and events, dancing is part skill and part the selection of the dance gown. Every ballroom gown is different, flows differently when worn by a woman, and works better with certain dance styles. Latin dance costumes, for example, are passionate and meant to bring out the attractive elements of a woman’s form, while ballroom dance gowns are meant to be elegant and suited for the twirls of classical and modern dance sets. It is often recommended that a couple select their dance costumes together to ensure that both are happy with what they will be wearing. Being happy with the design of competition ballroom dance gown or latin dance dress is important, as dancing is something that needs to be done in comfort. If a woman or man is nervous about their appearance, their dancing will be harmed by that discomfort. While there may be many beautiful dance styles to choose from, pick one that you can wear with pride. This will show in your dancing and give your routine an edge over the competition. Consider Custom Made Ballroom Gowns […]

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