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Couture Latin Dance Dresses by Zhanna Kens

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Couture Latin Dance Dresses by Zhanna Kens Latin relates to romance and beauty!  All things in Latin are romantic and hot, especially when it comes to Latin dances. They are very sensuous and appealing. And if you are looking for the best custom made dance dress that compliments your dance and style then you must visit and These online dance boutiques deliver every kind and type of Latin dance costumes by its very famous designer Zhanna Kens. competition latin ballroom dress Zhanna Kens’ distinctive Couture Latin Dance Dresses are striking examples of the talent she possesses.  She also creates competition Latin  dresses that are specifically designed and made for your comfort. “It is all about you!” said the Soviet-born dance fashion designer when asked about what dress is best suited for a person! Latin dresses for sale at Zhanna Kens dance boutiques are absolutely breathtaking! You can find dresses for all occasions such as ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, tango dancing and rhythm dancing.  All these Latin dance costumes are designed with a flair for color and movement that can only come from the hands of this very talented designer. Ballroom Latin dresses are also on sale at her new website on Ready to Wear Page. For Custom made Couture Latin Dance Dresses you can contact her any time through Contact Page on her website. Zhanna Kens understands that these costumes for Latin dances are made to show off the body in men and the curves in women.  It is purely essential that they must be mystic, engrossing and intensifying to get the best look while you dance to the Latin tune!

I Am Happy With My New Custom Made Practice Dress from Zhanna Kens

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I Am Happy With My New Custom Made Practice Dress from Zhanna Kens. Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of dancing very elegantly with a beautiful young man in a tuxedo, surrounded by elegance and watchful eyes. About five years ago I made that little girls dream a reality. I started by finding a dance studio so I could find an instructor and partner to fulfill that dream. I wasn’t sure how long it would last or even if I would like it. I almost had a sensation of fear that I would realize my childhood fantasy wouldn’t be all it was cracked up to be. Sure I was wrong. I fell in love with the art of dancing. My instructor encouraged me to invest in a quality custom made practice dress. Being the cautious woman that I am, I decided to start slow. I purchased some custom made dancesport practice wear to get a feel for the custom dancewear. My body type is not a typical fit so I felt that in order to be comfortable when dancing, I needed a practice ballroom dress to be custom fitted to my special body. After looking around and searching for advice, I met a friend at a dance studio that recommended that I check out Zhanna Kens. She said that Zhanna Kens creates custom luxurious ballroom gowns for all levels of experience. She also felt that pre-made dresses are not conveniently fitted. She said that she has bought some that were under $500. Apparently, she had a lot of issues finding a really good tailor that would size it for her for a reasonable price. In the end, I learned that it is worth spending the extra money for perfection. After some thought and talking with my husband, we decided it was important to invest in my happiness. To my surprise practice dance dresses were not very expensive. When I decided to order, I had to get myself measured according to a very specific chart. At first, I was frightened by the idea but was reassured that it was simple and very accurate. When the practice ballroom gown arrived, I could not believe the quality. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Within a few dance lessons, I could tell that I was improving exponentially. I was happier, more confident and free to move. My dance instructor rarely shows emotion because he wants me to grow. Personally I wanted an instructor that would take my passion seriously. I was amazed at his reaction when I started to grow in those few weeks after receiving my custom made practice dress. I was so happy at his reaction and smile, that I knew in his eyes, he was impressed! As soon as the dance lesson was over, I went to my car to drive home. I was overcome with emotion. I cried tears of happiness knowing that I am ready to make my childhood dreams come true. I know for sure that I will invest in a one of a kind custom made Ballroom Gown by Zhanna Kens. Now I have my confidence. The next step is competition and I want to be prepared for Victory!

Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses

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All You Need To Know About Finding The Ideal Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses As can well be imagined, preparing for a dance competition is more complicated and requires more effort than getting ready for a “night out on the town”. These preparations require the dancer to have their makeup done and obtain a specific dance dress. The type and quality of the dance costume are particularly important when considering dance competitions.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible for ballroom dance contestants to compete in the average formal or evening dress found at a local retailer. The fact is that special dresses and shoes are necessary for the individual to move across the floor with ease and comfort.  A typical evening gown does not provide this ease and comfort. It is essential that dancers seek out specific dancing apparel for their dancesport competitions.  A professional ballroom dress designer can educate you on the importance of matching colors with intentions and physical attributions. Not only is the look of elegance important, but also the structure of the dress. It is important that the dress moves with the dancer and not the other way around. This article will provide some information on the factors to consider when looking for a luxury designer ballroom dance dress. This is an important investment because a quality dress will last for many years. Finding Dance Dresses That Are Not Constricting or Inhibiting The basic difference between an evening gown and luxury designer ballroom dance dresses is that the dance dress has the proper materials to withstand and move with a passionate dance routine.  This means the dance dress is tight where it needs to be tight and loose where it needs to be loose. Latin Rhythm Dress Luxury Designer Ballroom Dance Dresses Evening gowns are typically designed to be worn to events with friends and family to have a nice meal and good conversations.  Of course, some dancing is possible when wearing an evening gown; however, the dancing is nowhere near as dramatic and passionate as ballroom dancing. A ballroom dance dress is created to allow for free and unrestricted movement promoting confidence in the dancer. After so much practice in your dance routines, the last thing you want is to be inhibited by your dress. The perfect ballroom competition dress should fit like a glove. A professional dance dress designer uses a very specific measurement chart to guarantee you a perfect fit. The fabrics are stretchy where movement is necessary and flows nice and lightly spins and turns. Suiting The Theme And Body Type One aspect that needs to be taken into account when searching for the ideal luxury designer ballroom dance dresses is the design of the dress.  Evening dresses tend to be created in a generic style supplied as a mass manufactured item. This will not always be suited to the dancer’s body shape or dance routine.  Locating a dress to meet the dancer’s body shape is essential as it allows for less constricting movement during dancing and a better fit of the overall gown.  This typically requires customized tailoring for each individual body type and skin tone.  It is important to remember, however, that high quality dance dresses are costly but they are great long-term investments.  The better suited the dress is to the dancer, the greater the chance of the dancer winning a competition. Not All Dress Designers are Equally Good It is important to consider that not all designers are good or create with quality products.  Some dress designers buy manufactured products and sell them as their own creation. One one instance, dance dress designer Zhanna Kens said, “I continually find my dress designs stolen online and sold for under $500. They are mass produced in China. They even copy the original pictures off of my website that I took.” A good indicator of the quality of the dress is the price. You simply get what you pay for. A good custom hand made dance dress order starts at around $1,000 and goes up from there. It is important to realize that this is an investment in your passion and confidence. Depending on how serious of a passion ballroom dancing is to you, you might even look into custom dance practice wear. This way, when you practice and learn your art, you will experience the same luxury as your future one of a kind ballroom gown.  

Explore Your Ballroom Dancewear with Zhanna Kens

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ballroom dresses by zhanna kens
Explore Your Ballroom Dancewear with Zhanna Kens We all love stylish attires, but ballroom dance professions demand ballroom dancewear with highest designing nuances so that the dancers wearing the same style of dance dresses stands out in the crowd. They say competition dancewear compliments one’s personality and the performance for sure. As a matter of fact there has been a wide brand pool for couture ballroom dresses and designer dance dresses alongside others from that in other words talks about the competing edge that you can have here. Unique Selling Proposition of purchasing your Dancewear from Zhanna Kens: Every product doesn’t appeal to everyone. It means every product has a set of customers. An example can illustrate this better. Let’s consider custom made ballroom dresses that appeal to the people who love going to ballroom dance with fine tuned luxury dance dresses that draw attention of the people easily and become a symbol of pride for them. The USP of dresses from Zhanna Kens are the following as you will find them for sure while deciding to go for it. Established brand with a huge brand pool: It’s an established brand with a huge brand pool. This means you are secured while you choose to go Zhanna Kens way and get value for your money. Large product portfolio:  The Company has a line of products befitting your requirements on special occasion such as custom made ballroom gowns for competition and Latin ballroom dresses for competition This puts you a step ahead in the competition for sure. Contemporary designs:  Contemporary dance designs with world class products make you feel special while wearing them on. Moreover the people with contemporary dance designs on their ballroom dancewear by default exuberate in confidence that adds a new dimension to their personality and appearance for sure. Competing edge: When you buy a custom dance dress or custom dance costumes from designer Zhanna Kens you essentially bank on its competing edge through the designing nuances made bespoke for you. As such no two designs at Zhanna Kens boutique look the same. Choosing ZK dance dresses you therefore maintain your individuality even in the crowd. Easy connect:  Buying custom made ballroom dance gowns or ready to wear dance costumes  is as easy as a matter of a few clicks. Browse the pages and order your dress instantly. Champions & Testimonials Testimonials aka client speaks alongside the champions of different competitions stand tall in the matters of designing excellence of every dance costume that Zhanna Kens creates. Knowledge is power to you and it is essentially this knowledge that helps to take decisions in life. Visit Online Dance Dress Boutique and know it all yourself.

Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses For Sale

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Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses For Sale it’s a must. Imagine being on the dance floor enjoying the moment and then realizing your dress is not comfortable. Is this the feeling a dancer craves? Take action and put your trust in a professional ballroom dress designer. You can start the process of ordering your very own perfectly fitted custom dance dress now. Custom ballroom dance dresses for sale are not only going to look great from all angles but also will have the flair You’ve been searching for. The finest ballroom dance dresses for sale right now in the market have not even been created yet. Often times ballroom dancesport designers place dance dresses on their website to show examples of their work even if the dress has been sold or custom made for someone else. Imagine a catalogue of inspiration for your new custom ballroom dance dress. With a range of colors and designs to offer, the perfect dress is created for dancers wanting nothing short of the best. With these custom ballroom dance dresses for sale, quality and fit is guaranteed. Perfectly Fitted Custom dance dresses will be perfectly fitted based on a person’s sizing requirements . A vital thing for dancers who are looking for something lightweight and comfortable on the body. Being trapped in a poor dress that does not feel good or is not willing to move along with the dance can lead to lack of confidence. Bad performances and  continued frustration is not what champions want. The best way to go is with a high-grade provider. Professional designers will ensure the details are flawless. Therefore the fitting of the ballroom dance dress is perfect for your unique body type. A proper dress is one that fits nicely on the skin and does not get in the way of what a person is doing. Flexible For Dancing Dancing requires movements that a regular dress would not be able to pull off. Custom dance dresses are made from the finest materials. The importance is to look at this as a positive investment that adds flair to your dance. The quality and custom design will also make it easier to complete seamless movements. Investing in your passion is important to ensure that you will not get the bottom 80% of the dresses. The perfect custom dance dress will provide this and more while a dancer employs their craft to its fullest potential. Elegant Design of Custom Ballroom Dance Dresses for Sale Custom Made Ballroom Dance Dresses for Sale A ballroom dance dress should be elegant with how it looks and flows with your style. With each movement, the elegance of a dancesport dress should become apparent to judges, your dance partner and should captivate all of the observers in the ballroom. A single custom dance dress will showcase these positive traits repeatedly for years to come. This is the charm of getting a beautiful custom dance dress that is not only going to last because of its quality but will look great for you while dancing. Custom made luxury ballroom dance dresses for sale are the perfect addition to a dancer’s collection when hoping to maximize each movement on the dance floor. There is nothing worse than not being able to maintain flexibility because the dress gets caught up or does not feel light on the body. Custom ballroom dance dresses for sale are made to perfection and will ensure dancing is as easy as it comes. The right dress is always the one that suits a person’s requirements both in look and fitting. Custom dresses are the best dresses to achieve great results. You will know the value is there from the moment you try it on.